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How to Make Your Home Your Stress-Free Sanctuary

By August 9, 2019March 20th, 2024No Comments

In today’s fast paced and constantly changing society, we get enough stress outside of our home. Everyone should look forward to being able to get much needed rest and relaxation after coming home from a long day. Unfortunately, many homes don’t provide the calming environment that is an important key to a healthy and balanced life. 

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If your home isn’t bringing you the peace and joy you need, you may be considering renovation. But before taking that big of a step, consider these simple tips to making your home a stress-free sanctuary.

Changing Your Paint Color

We often don’t realize it, but the colors in our home can have a big impact on our daily mood. Instead of choosing paint colors based on short trends, aim for relaxing and refreshing colors that you will enjoy for years. Pale blue is one of the most popular colors for creating a calm and peaceful environment, but there are many options. If you want your home to be more of a creative space, try opting for a soft yellow or lavender. Instead of going with plain white, grey is a good option for bedrooms, as it doesn’t create the same hollow feeling.

Removing Clutter

How many times have we spent hours looking for an important document in a stack of papers or our favorite shirt went missing in a pile of laundry? An excess of clutter makes us feel less in control of both our home and daily lives.

Spending time decluttering is one of the cheapest but most effective ways to remove stress from your home. Not only is seeing piles of bills, clothes and dishes stressful, but clutter can make a room look significantly smaller. Keeping your home organized and removing the nonessential items will free up space you forgot existed.

Adding a New Scent

An unpleasant odor in the home can make it harder to concentrate, make food unappealing and may turn away guests. Consider using essential oils to freshen up the air without creating an overpowering aroma that some aerosol air fresheners cause.

If you want to get even more creative, you can add different scents for different moods in each room. For example, lemon oil is popular in the kitchen due to its clean and clarifying scent while cinnamon is best in the entrance to your home.

Adding Greenery

Even after adding furniture, art and other decorations, you might feel like your rooms are still a bit empty. Adding plants is an excellent way to spice up your home while providing several practical benefits. Having indoor plants like lavender and rosemary can purify the air as well as help you get a better night’s sleep.

Making a few of these simple changes can provide a much needed breath of fresh air to your home. Experiment with different plants and scents to see how you can customize your perfect sanctuary!

Guest Written by: Morgan Taylor

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