Multi-family Buildings

Dilapidated or just poorly managed - we love it

We are the exclusive in-house broker for a development and investment firm that renovates and builds. Besides building new construction, we look for “bread and butter” deals. We can close on these properties quickly, renovate, and sell.

Single Family Homes, Multifamily Property, Dilapidated Warehouses; we look at it all.

For individual properties, we look mainly in Broward; for bulk deals, anywhere in the state. Waterfrontage is ideal; location and proximity to areas of desire and upcoming neighborhoods are also viable.

No roof? Water damaged? Termites? No kitchen or bathroom? That’s our style!

Price isn’t an issue, value is always the focus.

Project Highlighted

Location: Hollywood,. FL
Style: Multi-family property
Status: Renovation underway

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